Posted 9 hours ago

🎢I just really need a friend indeed so I turn to my G’s an the purple weed. #NightCap #Jamming 🎢 I’m tired of πŸ‘€for a friend that I need why me why ni99as playa hate on me. -Boozilla

Posted 11 hours ago

😭😭😭 this is so accurate ” Ed Edd an Eddie “

Posted 15 hours ago

#picstitch #NoFilther 44oz cup of Mud 😈😈😈 #HappyLaborDay

Posted 20 hours ago

#FreeMista -Lou Cain I Try … 🎢🎢 Momma I tired to do better #iTried told my girl I was gone leave them ho”s alone #iLied said I was gone leave them streets alone too #iLied so much anger inside but I realized only #TheStrongSurvive … 🎢🎢

Posted 1 day ago

#September7 six days away. Ima crank it up a notch on y’all you don’t even know the half. #SeptemberSavage

Posted 1 day ago

" #Finessing ain’t a hobby it’s a skill ni66a… "

Posted 1 day ago

#WeOutChea #YouWasntThere me an @jehaad87 Plotting on #Skyscrapers you get the picture or do I have to place it in the frame. (at West Side , Cedargrove !)

Posted 1 day ago

#ButThatNoneOfMyBusinessThough 🐸🍹… …

Posted 2 days ago

Back off in this bihh wassup βœŒοΈπŸ‘‹ doe ??

Posted 2 days ago

She won her a πŸ†”y she won she won she won she won ..πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ.